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Synergy Advantage – Pandemic Solution

Synergy Advantage Pandemic Solution

Companies across the globe have experienced a massive impact due to the pandemic. Like all of those companies, we were also forced to take drastic measures to adapt to its changes. 

This article aims to describe how the pandemic changed our business model and how it opened up new opportunities for us. Additionally, I will tell you how we used the pandemic conditions to turn the business into the pandemic solution it is today. 

How It All Started

Prior to the pandemic shocking the world in March 2020, we had to rethink our strategies for the year and develop ways to adapt to the challenges that Covid-19 brought on to the world. After that, we decided to pivot over to a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) environment and slowly began moving our employees overseas to the Philippines. 

The process was very streamlined and our E-Commerce division didn’t miss a beat. In spite of all the challenges posed by the pandemic, we actually exceeded our growth targets for the year.

 Synergy Advantage, our own BPO business, was established at this time. After we experienced our own success, we realized utilizing the BPO industry is a new way forward for call centers and other industries looking to build E-Commerce platforms for their own businesses.

The Solution to the Pandemic 

Going through all the changes that the pandemic has inflicted, we realized that we were not only the ones who had to go through all of the changes and adjust to them. 

For the most part, employees across the globe also had to face all of those challenges. The quarantines and lock-downs, and adjusting to the work from home set-up as a new norm were never easy. 

Thankfully, we have come up with a process where company owners, as well as employees, won’t have to worry about re-adjusting to both the implementation of the remote working setup and the removal of which. 

In Synergy Advantage, we will help business owners market their business in the digital landscape while helping them save the time and resources that it will normally take for them to find the right people and process to successfully put their business out there. 

We have a team of experts who are well aware of all of the facets of the digital marketing landscape and who are willing to walk clients through each step of reaching a wider audience and generating more sales. 

Moreover, acquiring more specialized experts will not be their problem anymore as we are also equipped with the process and tools to acquire and direct those additional talents for company owners. 

For employees looking to stay working in the remote set-up, our processes and systems work perfectly as well, for we work in a hybrid setting where employees can choose to work from home.  Making the Synergy Advantage business model sculpted for both the post and pre-pandemic times. 

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