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Digital Marketing For Homecare Businesses

Digital Marketing For Homecare Businesses

As technology improves, life expectancy rises, causing the demand for medical services to rise as well. As more people reach retirement age every year, more and more individuals find themselves needing medical assistance, and our limited medical facilities are struggling to keep up. One of the ways to ease this burden is the boom of home care services. 

Home health care is all about providing different health care services directly to the patient’s home as opposed to having them go to a facility. Though it does not totally replace hospitals, it provides some conveniences for both the patient and the health care system by not having them go to a hospital for every procedure or minor scrape.

Getting a home health care agency or business up and running is no easy feat. So many things need to be managed such as staffing, scheduling, logistics, recruitment, sales, marketing, and more.

Most home health care services are created by people who already work in the healthcare field. They’ve worked with other healthcare workers and can apply the staffing and recruitment standards that they learn from working in other healthcare settings.

Some of the more common difficulties for this type of business are the marketing and sales side of the equation. Since it isn’t generally part of their training or vocation, the marketing for their home health care business can have missed opportunities at best or can be completely ineffective at worst.

In this article, we discuss some basic digital marketing tips that can be applied to your home health care business to help you grow and reach more people.

  • Google ads – We look to Google for all of our answers. The first page and top results often feature ads related to your search. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is used in Google Ads. To reach their audiences, business owners can use Google’s Search Network and/or Display Network.

Ads are displayed to those who are actively searching for the keyword you have chosen on Google’s Search Network. For a home care company, for instance, your Google Ads investment will enlist you in a bid to have your ad appear when someone types “home care in Los Angeles”.

On the other hand, users of Google’s Display Network see advertisements when they conduct online searches for goods or services and are exposed to banners on numerous websites.

  • Facebook ads – We highlight facebook in this example because of its popularity, but it can apply to most social media. Every business needs to have a Facebook business page. You must routinely post there and be active. This way, if someone learned about your company and decided to check you up on Facebook, they’d be able to tell that you’re a real person and that your profile is active (and not just inactive as in not updated in two months). You can create ad campaigns in Ads Manager once you have a Facebook business page. Facebook also provides a number of templates, including lead forms, carousels, and videos. They also have a lot of free training resources for their ad platform, Facebook Blueprint.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Another way to let people discover your business is by using search engine optimization or SEO. It refers to fully optimizing your business website to maximize its appeal to Google and Bing search engines. The ultimate objective is to build a user-friendly, effective website that enables users to enjoy their time there and drives targeted traffic to your website. Even if search engine algorithms are frequently changed, if you as a business owner can understand some of the fundamentals of SEO, it could already have a significant impact.

These are just some of the ways you can use digital marketing to grow your home healthcare business. It takes a multi-pronged approach to successfully market a business and digital marketing is just one of those prongs. It has the potential to reach the most people and it has the added advantage of giving you insight into your audience through the numerous reports you can gather.

If you’d like to learn more or if you want to know how you can use digital marketing to your advantage, our digital marketing specialists at Synergy Advantage can definitely give you a hand. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 1-855-534-6273 or visit our website.