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Our Services

Customer Engagement Services

We will help you optimize your customer service by making it seamless and cost effective. Our highly trained team of customer service experts can handle customer service through multiple support channels.

Voice, Chat and Email Customer Engagement that will act as a liaison, provide product/services information, answer questions, and resolve any emerging problems that your customers might face with accuracy and efficiency.

Works closely with client to create engaging content for a company’s social media presence, including keeping social media channels updated and brand-focused, and seeking out new social media avenues and ways of connecting with audiences.

A sales support provides customer support by assisting with sales procedures. They help with sales-related problems, enter new orders, track orders, investigate shipping issues and manage customer accounts. They also enter and track data in sales databases and provide reports to the sales department.

Virtual Assistant performs various administrative tasks, including answering emails, scheduling meetings and making travel arrangements. 

SEO/PPC Specialist will be responsible for managing all SEO/PPC activities such as content strategy, link building and keyword strategy to increase rankings on all major search networks. Managing SEM campaigns on Google, Yahoo and Bing in order to maximize ROI.

Content Writer creates print and digital content for your company to provide information or showcase the products or services you offer.

Leads Generation specialist collects and evaluates potential sales opportunities. They will focus on selling your products or services to other potential customers.

Multimedia Designers are skilled graphic design specialists who combine graphics with animation to create multimedia content for websites, social media and advertising contents.

Digital Marketing Services

We know how to leverage digital marketing to accomplish business goals. With our integrated digital solutions, we can help deliver superior customer service to ensure an improved customer experience.

Business Support Services

Work with a dynamic and highly skilled team who can handle daily operations so you can leave your deliverables to us and focus on the core of your business.

Project Managers are responsible for planning and overseeing projects to ensure they are completed in a timely fashion and within budget. Project managers plan and designate project resources, prepare budgets, monitor progress, and keep stakeholders informed the entire way.

Quality Assurance personnel is responsible for ensuring that products and services meet the established standards set by your company. Duties include maintaining strong overall quality control of products made by the company adhering to reliability, performance and customer expectation.

Accountant is responsible for the management and reporting of financial data of an organization. A Bookkeeper is responsible for recording and maintaining a business’ financial transactions

Data Analyst collects and stores data on sales numbers, market research, logistics, linguistics, or other behaviors. They bring technical expertise to ensure the quality and accuracy of that data, then process, design, and present it in ways to help people, businesses, and organizations make better decisions.

Work with a dynamic and highly skilled team who can handle daily operations so you can leave your deliverables to us and focus on the core of your business.

A full HR support arm for your current staff onshore or offshore.
We will handle employee engagement and labor relations. That includes handling of employee performance management, coaching sessions, and evaluations.

We work with small to medium sized businesses, entrepreneurial start-ups and anyone we can help who needs a facility to work from.
To provide quick access for your remote team through affordable and exclusive seat leasing options is one effective way to boost the creativity and productivity of your employees.

VOIP services enable the same sophisticated audio and video capabilities as even the largest players in your industry.  A hosted solution allows access to modern applications like  voice, chat, data, technologies, and more that integrate with your phone.

Technology and Infrastructure Services

Technology and Physical Infrastructure once reserved for big businesses are now affordable to businesses of all sizes.