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The Importance of Customer Engagement

The Importance Of Customer Engagement

Selling a product to a customer is how business works. Getting that customer to keep coming back with their friends and family in tow is how a business SUCCEEDS. Nowadays, with the fierce competition in the market, it is no longer enough to get people to buy your product by just supplying a demand. In order for your business to thrive, you have to develop relationships and loyalty with your customers as well. While there are many ways to positively influence your customers’ perception of your business, the most direct and effective way to keep them is by improving their customer experience through customer engagement.
Customer engagement is a broad term that is all about how companies can interact with their customers in order to foster relationships, loyalty, and brand awareness. This can include marketing strategies and directly asking for feedback from your customers, but the key part of customer engagement is with your customer service team.

Customer Service

Customer service representatives are the faces and voices that your customers will remember when they think about their interactions with your business. They are the ones who provide helpful information and handle any problems the customer might encounter while doing business with you. For many consumers, the quality of the customer service can heavily influence whether they continue supporting your business or not.

Reasons why good customer service is important

  • Keeping a customer happy is less expensive than making new customers. Quality customer service can drive customer retention, which translates to more profits as happy customers that want to purchase from your business again are more likely to spend more money. This means that while getting your name out there is important, you can stand to gain much more from investing in ways to keep your existing customers coming back, like good customer service.
  • Good customer service creates good customer experiences, and happy customers are more likely to refer your business to their associates. Aside from the direct gains of making your customers more willing to pay more for your services. Customer referrals are a gold mine of word-of-mouth advertising, which is also more likely to be effective at bringing in more customers.
  • Good customer service builds customer loyalty. Customers who have developed loyalty to your business can generate much more revenue over their lifetime compared to new customers. Aside from that, they will be less likely to switch to your competitors and would even be willing to pay more for your services if they feel loyalty to your brand.
  • Your customer service teams can also be a source of information about your customers. Since your customer service teams will be the ones interacting and building relationships with your customers, they are ideally positioned to get valuable information that can help your business. Rather than relying on surveys that might get ignored, having your customer service representatives ask your customers directly would likely yield more valuable and more genuine information. In some cases where there is a great customer relation, customers might even volunteer feedback as they have associated positively with your business and would also want your business to succeed.
  • Great customer service can put you above the competition. In fiercely competitive markets, the difference in price or quality between competing businesses might be negligible in the eyes of the general public. In that case, it becomes a battle over other comparison points such as the quality of customer service. Having excellent customer service can be a big advantage as even in cases where your prices might be a little more expensive than your competition, your happy customers will keep giving you business solely because they had a great customer experience with you.
  • Great customer service can add a “personal” touch to your business transactions that can increase conversion rates. Even though automation provides a lot of advantages in business, people still appreciate having a personal or human element to work with. It can make the customer feel valued and listened to, further increasing conversion rates and decreasing customer churn, while at the same time improving your brand image.

These are just some of the advantages of having a great customer service team. While there are many ways to grow your business, investing in customer service is a surefire way of increasing the value of your existing customer base over a prolonged period of time. Excellent customer service creates a lasting impression of your business that can lead to many direct and indirect increases to your profits and growth.

Where to get excellent customer service

Synergy Advantage offers excellent customer engagement services through multiple channels at very competitive prices. Our customer engagement teams are equipped to support your business with accurate and efficient customer service that can keep your customers happy and help your company grow.
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